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Getting Out of a Fucked Up Situation.

27th Jul 2013, 11:58 PM in How to Fuck Your Demon
Getting Out of a Fucked Up Situation.
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Author Notes:

Ebenezer Splooge 27th Jul 2013, 1:20 AM
Ebenezer Splooge
In case it isn't clear, DeeDee doesn't say anything out load, she's thinking to herself on this page.
I hope to be able to have an update next Saturday, but I don't have the buffer with this one I have with
PronQuest, so it MIGHT be late as I'm off on detail to Austin, TX next weekend for four weeks.
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scott 31st Jul 2013, 12:41 AM
Ads on left are covering the LH side of the comic.
Ebenezer Splooge 31st Jul 2013, 6:57 AM
Ebenezer Splooge
I don't really have a way to fix that, comicfury doesn't have the same set up as wordpress.
That sidebar's set to be at the exreme left, if you zoom out it won't be over the comic,
but if you're using a small screen you'd have to download the image to read the comic.
I'll do some research to see if there's a workaround.
subdudephx 21st Jul 2014, 5:24 PM
Make the ads smaller. That should fix the problem!